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8 km from Kalambaka, on the left bank of the Peneus, is the historic community Sarakina, inhabited today by 560 residents, dealing with agriculture.
The Sarakina is known for its famous stone bridge (14th cent.), Which served to transport the villages of Pindos and Aspropotamos. According to tradition, the bridge was cut to three points by thieves who wanted to halt the progress of Ali - Pasha to the Thessalian villages. Here was the famous battle of April 6, 1878 with the Turks.
The bridge connects Sarakina the isolated rock "Petra" in the north, beneath which is built the chapel of the Holy Apostles. Xronologeitai the 17th century, bejewel with murals of various ages.
Within the village itself parousiazeio interesting church of St. Athanasius was built in 1872. The temple was constructed in 1875.
From Sarakina came Demetrios Exarchos (1834 - 1897), a leading figure of the struggle for liberation of Thessaly by the Turks. At age 20 he joined the body of Katarrahias and in 1876 the Society of Friends Trikala commissioned at the race, which brought the Ardani and Zavlania. After the release Paralithaion became mayor and was awarded the Silver Cross of Christ.
The village celebrates on June 30, the Feast of the Twelve Apostles. By the way shown in the Central Square community orchestra and dance troupe of folk songs and dances.

Wine Tasting and ouzo at the taverns of the village. Buy wine and raki from the Agricultural Cooperative. VISIT The bridge Sarakina, the south side of Petra and the temple of the Holy Apostles. Sports Fishing in Pe