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From the mysterious rocks emerge embossed figures and faces, the most important of which is that the huge monkey that you laugh, and the profile of a lion that profound silence, as if holding a rock. Here the figure of the monk in a cave that looks like a natural rocky channel. The hermit's cave is one of those one wonders how he climbed there. There and sculpted figures who see from a distance because it is so tall and the rocks. In order to see them you must leave a local citizen to take you by the hand and to tell him only that you believe in fairies ...
There is the king and queen stand out from crowns. This king and queen lived in a palace built in the old days in one of the tops of the rocks, the peak of a Saint.
This rock associated with the opposite of Altsou with hanging wooden bridge and down and around the rocks spread out the water of the great lake. The king and queen had a daughter. A day spent walking on the bridge came the golden slippers of the pin, slipped from the floating bridge and fell into the water of the lake. The princess leaned over to grasp, slipped into the deep lake waters swallowed. Rushed then the king and queen, who were at the top of Altsou and over in desperation to save her and they fell in the lake ... The place fell silent dead, and their good friend Neptune hear the bad news (in Greek mythology) sorry for your loss and angry struck with his trident a piece of land that joined Olympus in The ones. This broke the lake passed the opening and ran into the sea. So, with this legend justified production mythiaka how the lake was plain.
They left as the water seemed the cliffs to the bottom. In many of these rocks was impressed by the legends of the region. So the king and the queen is now the stone royal couple and just below where the drowned princess, who formed the Rocket egnethe. Many say that resembled this one and the same was lanky. As for the hitherto untrodden summit of Altsou where there was no palace, saying that those years are kept there three chests a king, passing through those parts fell and drowned with his horse into the lake. The chest has a gold, other precious stones and has the third the Golden Saddle King. Snakes, dragons rescued these treasures and guarded until now Sleepless.
So nobody ever dared to reach this peak from the fear of dragons and nobody has ever seen ... But it is known to stalk hiding to come out to smother and fly from the highest peak sacrilegious anyone get there.

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