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The icon of St. George is always adorned with scarves, while during the ceremony people took a scarf that was there for a year and had another new one. The symbolic and paradoxical custom scarves comes from the Turkish years. Below the monastery of St. George was an untouched forest.

There was an order forbidding the cutting of trees. (If you remember from ancient times the Greeks believed that the trees hide our life and our fate, and so they do not ever cut because they did not know what a tree is the fate of our lives.) Once a Turkish soldier went to mow a tree in defiance of the order ... Just cut it, he fell down
immediately. The Turkish commander thought that someone killed him and threatened the world region that unless reported a killer then they will pay hard. Then the voice of St. George to say he was punished by him for the tree that went to mow and do not blame anyone else. Will revive but the life, if someone give him something. Then Aga's wife took her veil  and touched the icon and also a citizen from Kastraki gave his handkerchief. Then the Turkish soldier stood up as if nothing had happened. Since then every year they put scarves on the feast of St. George.

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