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Cloister of Doupiani

The first monastic community with primary organization was the Cloister of Doupiani or drop that was founded by the monk Nile. Centered on the Temple cult of the Virgin Mary, was the "Lord" of the cloister. The church is located just below the Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapafsas. The monks who lived isolated from the rest of the week in surrounding rocks and prayed and lay awake, alone, began to gather every Sunday to celebrate the Liturgy and worship their God in the temple of Doupiani. The only building that survives today is the Temple. But it was the first impetus for the flourishing of monasticism in Meteora. The safety and isolation brought on the rocks, so many monks in the region were established over the centuries twenty-four Monasteries experienced peak. Many of them deserted and went out, just some old papers rescued us make known the Visitation Monastery, which is currently uninhabited, belonging to the Monastery of the Great Meteoro. Founders of the monastery is the monk Nilus in the year 1367 AD and the monk Cyprian. Today, only the church that was recently restored.

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Sarakina's bridge

Near the village Sarakina, south of Kalambaka, on Penaeus River in the early 16th century the bishop of Larissa Bessarion II built a large arched stone bridge ...

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Church of St. Nicholas Bantova.

Church of St. Nicholas Bantova.

In the 15th century., Was probably the church of St. Nicholas Bantova Kofinas, or carved into the rock cave in the ravine that separates Kastraki from Kalambaka. The church was accepted by many subsequent interventions was probably hermitage. In the same ravine at the Church of St.. Antoniou and J. M. St. Gregory.

Today it operates and belongs to the Holy Trinity Monastery Meteora

To find the church follow the following path:
At the entrance of Kalambaka Kastraki turn right following the road alongside the rocks of Meteora. 500 meters and then hold the rock, turn right. The dirt road leads to a plateau in front of the church of Panagia, the hermitage of St. Nicholas or Bantova Kofinas is carved into the cave of the rock.

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 14:01

Virgin Mary Church Kalambaka

Virgin Mary Church Kalambaka

The church of the Assumption is a three-aisle basilica ending in three apses eastward. The nave is elevated. The aisles are separated by alternating pillars and columns, while esonarthex communicates with the central aisle through trivilou opening. The exonarthex is later.

The initial phase of the existing building is dated back to the old late 11th or early 12th century, mainly based on the dating of the initial phase of the paintings. However, later studies tend to place the monument around 1000. Revealing parts of the mosaic floor beneath the floor of the modern church and the architectural elements of the monument, that its architectural form, the existence trivilou, synthronon and reconstructed by a cop marble pulpit with two staircases led to the hypothesis that the Byzantine church was erected the foundations of an early Christian basilica, which retained the outline.

Inside the temple is richly decorated with frescoes, which belong to two different phases. The oldest painting layer, dating to the late 11th - early 12th century., Retained fragments on the eastern edge of the south aisle. The bulk of the surviving painted decoration, which was performed by the priest Kyriazis and the Cretan monk Neophytos, son of the painter Theophanes dated in 1573. At the same time the church suffered extensive repairs. The frescoes decorating the walls of the narthex dates from the 18th century.

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Central Hospital Of Trikala


Karditsis 56
42100 Trikala (Trikala)


24310 45100


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Health Center Kalambaka


National Road Ioannina - Trikala
42200 Kalambaka (Trikala)


24320 22222
24320 24044
24320 24111


24320 37392
24320 24222

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Geshe Theodore - Big Al. 7 Tel 2432025363 Map

Gkoumplia Maria - 8 Railway Tel 2432023434 Map

Zalavra E Theodora - Trikala 31 Til.2432022230 Map

Apostle Kanatas- Ef. Vlahava 40 Phone 2432023411 Map

Kostopoulos Maria - Kondylis 8 Tel 2432024385 Map

Joanna May - 47 Trikala Tel 2432023423 Map

Milioti Eleytheria- Averoff Railway Til.2432078108Map

Michalitsis Rep. - Efthymiou Vlahava 18 Til.2432022424 Map

Mpernte Andrianna - Trikala 64 Til.2432023322 Map

Bellos Terzidou S. Kon / nos - Trikala 9 Til.2432022497 Map

Papavasiliou Evangelia - Themistocles 4 Tel 2432022101 Map

Papapoulios John - Sophocleous 1 and Trikala Til.2432022206 Map

Evangelos Papanikolaou - 26 Vlahava Til.2432023380 Map

Petranis Chris - Rhodes and Epirus Til.2432023377 Map

Sinanis Chris - Ioannina 31 Til.2432024412 Map


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Doctors List

General Medicine

* Nick Agathonikiadis tel 2432022493
* Kotsopoulou Dimitra 2432022601
* Vasilis Bouras 2432024533
* Natsis Athanasios 2432077447


* Zacharakis Athanasios tel 2432022441
* Kotoulas Solon 2432024555
* Athanasios Liapis 2432022008
* John Makris 2432023971


* Gida-Vlachogianni Anna tel 2432078433
* Georgia Makri 2432023513
* Bantekas Athanasios 2432023048
* Sami-Rimaoui Stephen 2432024595
* Tsiara Stavroula 2432022866


* George Gerodimos tel 2432075570
* Constantine Poulios tel 24320 78444 - Mob. 697 4200502
* George Savakis 2432075475
* Tasis Stephen 2432022385


* Theodore Vafiadis tel 2432077588
* Giannoulis Bessarion 2432022629
* Nicholas Katsikas 2432024886
* Papanikolaou Vaso 2432075842
* Piniaras Anthony 2432023123
* Proutsos Zissis 2432022062


* Zianos Eythimios tel 2432075170


* John Gkougklas tel 2432023242
* Thomos Athanasios 2432024662 - Continent 14
* Sgouralis Stergios 2432023513
* Elias Taratoras 2432022774


* Julia Laopodis 2432024114
* Pinaka Calliope 2432076555
* George Zampras 2432077727
* Zalavra Helena tel 2432023414


* Alex Kavadias 2432078277 k 6946218134


* Valakis Artemije tel 2432025002


* Sioulas Kingdom Tel 2432074442


* John Papachristos - 2310434622


* Prevedourakis Emmanuel tel 2432077944


* Royal Syntzerma tel 2432075989


* Kardara Dimitra tel 24320 78145
* John Natsis 24320 77606
* Ntintis Gregory 24320 31402
* Schoretsanitis Dimitrios 24320 75297

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BDS Electronics

BDS Electronics

We undertake installations of security systems, satellite dishes, fire detection, Video door phones, cameras, automation systems for smart homes.
Here you will find products that make up simple security systems and products that meet the requirements of more sophisticated systems. You will find alarm systems, CCTV and general surveillance over the equipment for your home or your business space. Everything you need and much more for your safety and most importantly of all, at competitive prices!

* Pindos line 59
* Kalambaka 42200
* Tel 2432025151
* Fax 2432077866
* Mob. 6973037398
* E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Αυτή e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable Javascript to view.
* Web

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STREET: RHODES - TOWN HALL SQUARE TEL 2432-022310, 2432-022822

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