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The wine festival in Kastraki, in late August.
The wine is free. An institution that every year waiting for both the residents of our municipality and visitors to enjoy listening to pop and folk music, tasting sausages and kebabs and drinking of course, plenty of local wine.

Meteora can be reached by car from Trikala (20 km), Larissa (80 km), Ioannina (110 km) and Grevena (70km). The distance from Athens via Lamia - Domokos - Karditsa - Trikala is 350Chm, from Athens via Larissa - Trikala is 240Chm and via Igoumenitsa Ioannina is 210Chm.
The usual access for European visitors is through the port of Igoumenitsa, which is associated with daily ferry-boat to Ancona and Venice. From there, access is via in Meteora, Ioannina.
The bus connects Trikala Trikala to Kalambaka and Kastraki with frequent service, so you can get in Trikala by bus and from there to go to Meteora without long waits.
For Meteora there is the option of the train. This starts from the station of the Cross (Paleofarsalos), located between Farsala and Karditsa in regular services, which are responsive route line Athens - Thessaloniki. Indeed, since this station is a node, stop him even many bullet. The train terminates at the railway station of Kalambaka, a pretty and well preserved even train stations.
The distance between Kalambaka and Kastraki is very small, since virtually been merged into a single residential complex. For access to the monasteries but need a car unless the hike is within the aims of your visit there. And certainly walking Meteora will not disappoint you at all. By car you can visit all the monasteries in one day, but due to restrictions on hours allowed the visits, maybe stay out on some of these. However, almost all the monasteries, a climb and descend a few or many steps carved into the rock.

By train

Kalambaka is a daily train, with Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Trikala and Karditsa. So to and from Kalambaka related the following cities:

* Athens on 3 routes
o 4 hours and 30 minutes - 5 hours, 14,60 € - 24,30 €.
* Thessaloniki 2 routes to
o 2 hours and 54 ', 12,10 € - 16,10 €.
* Larissa 5 operations at
o 1 hour and 30 ', 5,40 €.
* Trikala 6 routes in
o 14 ', 1,50 €
* Karditsa with 6 routes in
o 32 ', 3,00 €.

Trains to and from Kalambaka available from other cities, which lie on the railway line of the OSE. Detailed schedules scheduling or phone 24320.22451.

By bus

The Bus Station Trikala (Economou and Averoff 24320.22432) connect daily Kalambaka (most responses), with the following cities:

* Athens (7 routes 5 hours and '30, 25 €),
* Thessaloniki (6 routes, 4 hours, 17,50 €),
* Volos (4 routes, 3 hours, 14,20 €),
* Ioannina (2 routes, 2 hours, 11,20 €),
* Trikala (22 routes, 40 ', 1,90 €).

In summer there is a bus that connects Kalambaka to Meteora.

For more information call 14505.

By taxi

From Kalambaka one can take a taxi (7 km, 10 ', 7,50 €) and go on the rocks of Meteora.

By car

By car one can come in Kalambaka

* From Ioannina - Trikala (E92) or comes from Ioannina, Trikala either.

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