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The Monastery of St. George Mandila next to the last houses in the village of Kastraki, the rock of the Holy Spirit, a height of 30m above the ground. According to an old custom, the feast day of Saint and the end of the operation, the village youths hanging colorful scarves and lit candles at the Monastery. The scarves are left until the next feast of Saint and considered wishes for good health.

The establishment of the HM Ag. Georgiou Mandila placed in the 14th century. accordance with the few data available, which belong to the tradition, because the monastery has not yet been studied scientifically.
According to tradition the foot of the cliff, where lies the monastery of St. George, during the years of Ottoman rule stretched a dense forest. In this forest was banned cutting of trees, which applied to the conquerors. But a soldier of the Turkish garrison of Kastraki and one day began to cut a tree fell down unconscious, as if dead.
The Turkish commander of the village, thinking that someone "gkiaouris' killed him, ordered and collected in the village square. And threatened to retaliate hard, unless they delivered the killer soldier. At that moment we heard the convent a loud voice, saying that nobody killed the soldier, but was punished St George. It was good but if it offers something the Turks to the saint. And immediately his wife Aga gave the handkerchief of the veil.

Then someone raised the handkerchief Kastraki in the monastery, the abbot and just hung it in the image of the saint, the Turk stood solid and strong. Since then prevailed every time new scarves hanging in the monastery.


Hanging scarves in HM St. George Mandila