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About Meteora

Meteora is, after the Holy Mountain, the largest and constant presence since the establishment of the first ascetics today monasteries in Greece. From the historical evidence suggests that the monasteries of Meteora were thirty in total. Of these thirty monasteries six are in operation today and receive many pilgrims. There are also many smaller monasteries abandoned. Most of them were founded in the 14th century.

In the 14th century, Saint Athanasios the Meteorite, set up the first organized monastic priory with regulations and organized according to typical organized monasteries of Mount Athos.

Meteora was named by Saint Athanasius of Meteora Monastery of the Great Meteoro. Since then, over the Acropolis came and settled Monks and Nuns, who toil day and night work, fasting, vigil, not only for their own salvation but for the salvation of all people with long prayers and supplications.

The six visited monasteries of Meteora, is now restored and preserved for the most part in the mural decoration. In 1989, Unesco inscribed Meteora in the list of World Heritage Monuments, as a particularly important cultural and natural property.

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Discover the ancient hospitality, that only hotel Orpheus, at the southern entrance of Kalambaka, can offer you.

A traditional newly built tavern named "RESTAURANT OF ZIOGA". With an excellent setting for a beautiful and special evening.

In one of the nicest parts of the village Kastraki, pleasantly surprises the visitor the Hotel Tower Adrachti

The Hotel KASTRAKI is a jewel of a hotel for Kastraki, where we are.

Meteora Thrones is the leading travel service company in Meteora and the surrounding area, which has earned the trust and loyalty of visitors who want to organize in the best and most effective way their visit to Meteora and the Holy Monasteries.

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