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Kalambaka - Kalarrytes 96 mm (2 ½ hours)

Path: Kalambaka-Chestnut - Aspropotamos - Anthousa - Top Bari (2190 m) - Kalarrytes.

Syrrako and Kalarrytes two of the most beautiful villages of Epirus. Belong both in Ioannina, are both villages, are both preserved settlements and nest on the southwest slopes of Mt Dove or if you prefer the western slopes of Mount Katarrahias. Although not directly related to the term Tzoumerka (which has a height of 2,393 meters and belongs to the prefecture of Arta), however, is obvious that whoever visits the wider geographical region of Tzoumerka will definitely go for a walk and the two villages , which is picturesque and reminiscent largely Zagorohoria (but which are much further north). In fact, the Dove, the Katarrahias the Kakarditsa, Tzoumerka and Athamanika Mountains (2429 m altitude) is a single mountain range in the direction north - south divide and Epirus from Thessaly, erect and stood up to just above the west Bank of Achelous, who in this region called Aspropotamos. The altitude and the two villages is about 1,150 m and their distance from the capital of the prefecture of Ioannina, is 53 km from Syrrako and 58 km for Kalarrytes. The permanent population in Syrrako approximately 15 residents and about 20 Kalarrytes.

In Kalarrytes can get from Kalambaka, passing by the area of ​​the villages of Aspropotamos. We are moving on the road linking Anthousa with gravel and found the left junction leads to Kalarites to 20 km
Please note that while the two villages have visual contact and spaced in a straight line is approximately 1,000 to 1,200 feet, yet to go by road from one to another must do a large circle about 18 km, plus the many other Return, for each inserted Kalarrytikos River Gorge, which is a tributary of Arachthos. Certainly those who love walking there and it is nothing to skip this route. The trail is beautiful, ever go down, we pass by two or three small waterfalls until we reach the stream, passing over the bridge and immediately go up again. To calculate that Syrrako up Kalarrytes (or vice versa) requires walking at most 2 hours with a leisurely pace and several breaks. To even say that the river is a border between Greece and Turkey from 1881 to 1913, and they say Syrrakiotes Chrousia.
Attention to petrol: there are only Koutselio in Pramanta and Plaka.

About 1-2 miles before reaching Syrrako have two options: one is to take the right branch of the road to park where the asphalt stops to move the stone archway and walk in amazing stone path length 300 meters, passing successive stone fountains, stone bridges and waterfalls. The other option is to take the left branch, to do around the village and to approach the car until the first houses down low. In the village, no cars.
The village got its name from the word Vlach seraco means poor and barren. Indeed, if you noticed, one would find that all the surrounding hills are bare and rocky, is entirely missing the forest. This is not due to a fire but to overgrazing. 100 years ago, said about 3,500 people lived in the village, who except famous stonecutters, masons, tailors and traders were farmers. There is a typical three-storey building, built about 100 years ago and worked as an elementary school but now there are no students has been restored and houses the hostel "Syrrako".
Leave Syrrako, turn back and turn on Prosilio Kalarrytes. Once you reach the village Kipina will see on our right the cafe - grill Dimitris Kotsis (tel. 2659061186). You get in, if we will drink and coffee and leaving will take the key to the Monastery Kipina but leaving our identity. We should not forget to return to leave the key and get the identity. All this because of repeated thefts and vandalism of sacrilegious in the recent past.
At 1,500 meters from the cafe should have the mind to be careful on our left, high above the vertical rock Kipina Monastery, a Byzantine hermitage, which moreover is hiding in the bowels of the cave and a natural length of 280 m, but also an entire underground river! Access to the monastery via a suspended wooden bridge that goes up with a kick. Unique experience.

After the monastery we will go through a pitch dark tunnel in which two vehicles do not fit together to cross (unless they are two), just wants attention, fortunately, the length is not around 80 m. It will then pass the Kalarrytikos over metal Bridge type Belef, next to which we will see a small traditional stone bridge.
At the entrance of the village Kalarrytes will see right leaving the road Anthousa Aspropotamos and Trikala. In the village, no cars. And this stone, beautiful mansions, plenty of water, stone fountains, traditional streets and a picturesque square, amphitheater built like open air theater. In the square we find the nice little shop of Katerina with gifts, silver, icons, wood carvings and likerakia and sweets. Also in the square lies the effigy of Prime Kalarrytinou Spyridon Lambrou. A little further we find (as in Syrrako) and the church of St. Nicholas. The steeple is a later and donated by family Fasoulas. The Kalarrytinoi famous for its extremely high performance in the art of silversmithing. It is no secret that the world-class firm BVLGARI owes its success to the founder of the company, the Kalarrytino Voulgaris. Similarly, the same happened with the house Nessi, founded by the family with roots in Nessie Kalarrytes. Lived here too one day more than 4,000 souls, then slowly the place was deserted. Now tourism is going to do something but the situation seems to be irreversible.

Eagle Tavern. Tel 2651053296 & 2651038389. Ms. Eurydice went longer than 70 but opens the shop every day or hour of meat or pie or for a simple cup of coffee.
Tavern Goura. Tel 2651053622 & 6978888234. Open only Sat / u and celebrations for grilled, boiled goat, etc.
Tavern Syrrako. Tel 2651053569 & 2651053444. There are open. Puts and spits (kebabs heavy lambs, intestines), has soups and pies etc.
In the restaurant of the hostel Syrrako. Tel 2651066812 & 6973215156. Works only the evening hours for pies, salads, grilled meats, etc.
Cafe, grocery store, bar, tavern, glykopoleio turban. Tel 2651053540 & 2651066210. Open in winter only Friday, Saturday, Sunday and summer day. Basil prepares simple things: sausages, meatballs, fried potatoes, salads, feta cheese, bread and tsipouro. Sold sweets, liqueurs, honey, noodles etc.
Tavern, cafe, grocery Acanthus. Tel 2659061518, 2659062214, 2651048843 & 6972265961. Open daily, year round. Real time grocery store with the goods on the shelves, wooden floor, tables and chairs around a wood stove. In this humble shop "paint" the famous anymore nationwide Zanglis Napoleon and his wife Lambrini: Excellent pies and sweet and savory, oven braised rabbit with clams, pork prasoselino, beef stew, rooster with noodles, eggplant baked with garlic and ntomatoula, krasaki bulk tsipouro a snack, coffee kaimaklidiko, sweet walnut etc.
Restaurant at Mansion boyars. Tel 2659062361. On the ground floor of the eponymous hostel.
The Ovelistirio 5F. Tel 6947775616. Mr. Costas Arleta opens while winter only Sat / u, and the summer day.
Cafe Dimitris Kotsis grill. Tel 2659061186. Ms. Theodora except coffee can prepare chops, sausages, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, salads, etc.


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