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Home Routes Koursoum Mosque Trikala
Wednesday, 07 September 2011 18:02

Koursoum Mosque Trikala

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Koursoum Mosque Trikala

The mosque of Osman Shah Mosque or Koursoum (Tin Mosque) is located on the edge of the city of Trikala, Karditsa in the street south of the prison and the church of Saints Constantine and Helen. The mosque is the only surviving of the many Ottoman mosques that once existed in the city of Trikala.
Founder was Osman Sah or Qara Osman Pasa, son of Mustafa Pasa (+932 H = 1525-1526) who married the daughter of Sultan Selim I (1512-1520). Osman Shah when, with his wife, was commander in sancak Trikala, built the mosque and was endowed with hundreds of charitable institutions. The mosque is one of the 79 mosques and the only extant in Greek territory, built by the famous architect of the 16th century Sinan (Koca mimar Sinan).
The exact date of construction of the mosque is unknown, since it survived a founding legend. But speculated that it was built about ten years before the death of Osman Shah, who was buried in nearby turbo (mausoleum) in 1567 / 8. Built on the banks of the river Lithaiou surrounded by other institutions built by Osman Shah, as the workhouse, school, the Medrese, Mr. Hani al. From these buildings survives today only mosque (mosque) and Tourbes (mausoleum) which was buried Osman Shah. The mosque consists of a square prayer hall covered with a huge hemispherical dome.
The Tourbes (mausoleum) of Osman Shah, south of the mosque is an octagonal floor plan house covered with a hemispherical dome. Today inside the turbo kept archaeological finds in the area.

Koursoum Mosque Trikala

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