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Kalomoira, a separate village.

A short distance from Kalambaka is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of the prefecture of Trikala, Kalomoira. Today's Kalomoira lies in a relatively flat surface, like a raised platform covered by a green slope, west of Kalambaka, at an altitude 8OO m.

Has a large opening in the center of the village with large paved square surrounded by small trees, firs, willows, koutsoupies. All around is surrounded by cafes and modern, traditional tavernas, elegant and charming houses. On the corner of the entrance to the center, as one enters the village, is the new church of the Assumption, which is structured with red carved stones, quite elegant and impressive, both externally and internally. Beside the impressive raises the old stone tower.

The residential fabric stretches left and right of a central axis, which runs from the church and through the village to the north from the south and one from the other end. The main road to the northern part of the branching in narrow streets, tsimentostrota and clean, that add a distinctive charm and recall more than island village. The southern part of the village, called Beyond Mahalas spreads smooth slope.

General view of the Bazani Kalomoira.

The area "Skala" right and "Tsilari" stones at the bottom left

The houses here are new, with great natural beauty, surrounded by green gardens and colorful flowers. This machalas separated from the rest of the village with a stream, where the natural vegetation thrives mainly willows, walnut and various fruit trees. It is, indeed, this region, called Plopou, enlivening a lung for the entire village and a touch of a partic-weight color and charm in every season. Perimeter of the village lie green meadows, neat vegetable gardens and plantations interspersed with vineyards and apple, which produces the famous wines and apples Kalomoira.
But the very nature as an artist nonpareil edited the summary table of the village with unique aesthetic sensibilities adding touches with great depth. On the one hand, the endless forest of chestnut trees, firs, pines and agrioplatania (Sarmanitsa), where the harmonic alternating darker with lighter green. On the other covered with a wonderful variety of flora limestone rocks, somewhere on the steep slopes forward (Tsilaro). But the square one can enjoy a variety of spring colors and fragrances and autumn to live a dream image that give the forest opposite the colorful leaves of trees and twinkle when the morning sunbeams flicker with autumn dew .


View Kalomoira from Goura.

On the eastern edge of the village is located "Rachi", where the soccer fields and basketball courts, and from where the view is unobscured and panoramic. The human eye can see, without a hitch and as their capabilities are adequate, the mountains of Meteora by Hasia and important part of the Thessalian plain.
The climate is fairly healthy, but very humid, with cold winters but not wild and cool summers.
Of course in such an environment can only live people warm, cheerful, polite and hospitable, the Kalomoiriotes.
All these parameters make up a village with a distinct identity and charming personality. And like all villages, so Kalomoira has their "own history", only that the historian's life is relatively short. The first settlement was founded by residents of Old Godovasdas, to be moved, in the decade 1820-1830. The settlement was originally named New Godovasda and is a natural and historical continuity of the Old Godovasdas. Built almost in the same place, where there was many centuries ago another village, Kryoneri (Gkrynero).