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In the 2nd century BC The first attempts to climb the rocks of Meteora were for emergency as some have to hide the local residents to protect themselves from raids by robbers. The 11th was one of the practitioners who wanted to isolate and get as close to heaven and God. Nowadays, thousands of climbers from around the world come to Meteora
test their resistance to more than 700 routes!

It all started in 1975 by two German climbers, and the Dietrich Iasse Ieinz Stutte (which, although 63 years is not impossible to meet in a path to his favorite rocks of Meteora). Experts and pioneers in their field, began to "open" routes and collect data on the morphology of rocks, flora and fauna, climatic conditions and the difficulty of routes. In 1977 he published the first climbing guide of Meteora and slowly began to flock to foreign climbers in the area. The presence of curious local kids making their first tentative steps in climbing.

Initially without the necessary equipment, ropes, clothing, shoes and special-excess but with courage and an ability to say inscribed in the DNA, followed by German pioneers in the same period and the few Greek climbers begin to learn about this new amazing destination. The "virus" is spreading quickly in the early 1990's the area of ​​youth sets new standards by opening some of the toughest and most famous tracks of Meteora. Students at the tender age of 16 are dedicated to climbing the days when the weather is nice the classrooms strangely empty.

The ... sacrifices bear fruit: more than 700 routes of all grades of difficulty is the result of 30-something years frenzied climbing at Meteora, where they originate some of the best Greek climbers.

The rocks are sandstone with pebbles that create natural "grips" and make it an ideal choice for beginners. If you fall into this category choose the paths that have opened in the back of rock Ntoupianis, many of which do not exceed the fourth degree of difficulty.

Meteora will enjoy the experience of traditional climbing: long routes without unnecessary insurance.

All routes have been opened by traditional bottom-up, something that seems almost unreal when you consider that some of them are standing at a height of almost half a kilometer! Toughest of all the "Orchid" (1997) and «Crazy Dance» (1995-97), with VIII and IX + + degrees of difficulty, respectively! Among the famous include Action Direct (VIII + 240 m), Pilie of Dreams (V +, 250 m), Nightmare (VIII, 145 m.), and stages of the Consortium (VII + 320 m).


The Meteora 364 km away from Athens and 255 from Thessaloniki.

Better times:
All seasons are suitable for climbing, but the rain is a prohibitive factor. Also, it is advisable to avoid very hot summer days.

Trekking Hellas: Climbing in Meteora
Individual activity with a sense of freedom and the adrenaline aftopepoithisis.Ziste paradise of climbers, Meteora. In rock climbing there Ntoupianis 5 secured routes for beginners, fifth and sixth grade difficulty. Professional climbers of Trekking Hellas will deliver a short lesson on the technique of climbing and then the action xekina.I views will benefit from the top of the rock is unique. In each train-climber secures certified climber making your way completely harmless.


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